President Trump’s lawyers are a dream team

President Trump’s legal team jumped into the fray in the Senate on Tuesday, and their strategy to defend the president is taking shape on national television for all to see. Most obviously, they are not allowing the House Managers to get away with calling the president or them liars. Who are the members of the […]

Democrats make stunning admission: they don’t have a case

The House Managers have finally made it to the Senate to begin the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. During the next three days, they, as well as the president’s legal team, Chief Justice Roberts, and the Senate will be deciding what rules will guide the trial. Democrats want more Unsurprisingly, the Democrat managers are […]

IMPORTANT: Impeachment facts to keep in mind

In all of the noise surrounding impeachment, it is easy to lose sight of the facts. Here are some important ones to keep at the forefront of your mind as we move into week one of the Senate impeachment trial. No crimes in the articles of impeachment The House Democrats did not charge President Trump […]

ALERT: Democrats want the country to look like California

If you are not a Democrat in charge of California, you might have noticed the sad decline of the once-great state. Most of the decline can be tied to Democrat policies. If you don’t want your state to look like California, don’t vote Democrats into office. That’s right. The state of Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein […]

Is Lev Parnas a credible witness?

Lev Parnas, associate of Rudy Guliani, is the latest Democrat darling on whom the impeachment crowd are pinning their hopes to remove President Trump. The House Democrats want the Senate to allow witnesses in the impeachment trial of President Trump and Parnas is on the list. Who is Lev Parnas? Lev Parnas was born in […]

Nancy: Patriotism, impeachment and pens

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi named her seven impeachment house managers on Wednesday, January 15 in a signing ceremony. She also handed out special “impeachment” pens to commemorate the occasion. The White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham tweeted,“Nancy Pelosi’s souvenir pens served up on silver platters to sign the sham articles of impeachment… She […]

Are the Democrats trying to get rid of Bernie?

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy believes that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has withheld from the Senate the articles of impeachment to delay the start of the Senate trial. A late start will keep candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders in the Senate chamber rather than on the campaign in Iowa. Is this a coincidence?  […]

Iran admits taking down Ukrainian Flight 752 but still blames US

After refusing for days to take responsibility for the missile strike that took Ukrainian Flight 752 down, Iran finally admitted that they shot the Boeing 737 down with an SA-15 anti-ballistic missile. They attributed the tragedy that killed 176 people to operator error, but they are still placing blame on the US, too. The Victims […]

Pelosi will send impeachment articles to the Senate next week

It has been a long time since the Democrats in the House passed two articles of impeachment against President Trump on December 18, 2019. But now, Nancy Pelosi is finally ready to send the impeachment articles to the Senate The Speaker of the House announced she will send the articles of impeachment to the Senate […]

Ukrainian Flight 752 shot down by Iran

On January 7, shortly after Iran bombed two bases in Iraq in retaliation for the US killing of their top general, Qasem Soleimani, a Ukrainian plane was shot down as it left the airport in Tehran. 176 people were killed. The victims The victims hailed from seven different nations: Iran 82, Canada 63, Ukraine 11, […]

Ricky Gervais tells the Hollywood Elite to Shut Up

Ricky Gervais lands more on the left, politically, but that didn’t stop him from savagely and hilariously going after the gross and rampant hypocrisy of the Hollywood elite at the 2020 Golden Globes ceremony. Admittedly, this isn’t the first time he has lampooned them, but it may the first time they have been told that […]

Secretary Mike Pompeo lays out US strategy in the Middle East

Events continue to escalate since a US airstrike in Baghdad killed Iranian general Qasem Soleimani. It is hard to sort fact from fiction at the moment in the fast and furious debate swirling through Washington, Iraq, Iran and the mainstream media, but let’s give it a try. In an interview with Chris Wallace on his […]

Democrat reactions to the death of Soleimani show their weakness

After the US airstrike that President Trump ordered killed Iran’s top general Qasem Soliemani on Friday, there were a lot of strong reactions from the usual folks. How did we get here? Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been making the talk show rounds, explaining how Iran and all of its proxies became so strong. […]

President Trump: We took action to stop a war not start one

One day after a successful pre-emptive defensive strike took out Iran’s top exporter of terror, Qassim Soleimani, the US State Department and President Trump are arguing that the strike was necessary to save American lives. US State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus tells Sky News the US “made the decision that the risk of keeping Qassem […]

US airstrike takes out top Iranian terrorist Qassem Soleimani

Apparently, while talking heads were debating whether or not the seige of the US embassy in Baghdad was Trump’s “Benghazi,” Gen. Qassim Soleimani, leader of Iran’s elite Quds Force, was planning a campaign to kill more Americans in Iraq. At the same time, the Pentagon, under the direction of President Trump, was planning a preemptive […]

Crossing the line: Iran-backed militia attacks the US embassy in Baghdad

Today, hundreds of Iraqi protestors assaulted the US embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. They smashed through the gates and set fires inside the embassy compound. Sources report that the attack on the US embassy is in response to the US airstrikes on Sunday. It is unclear at this time if the Iraqi government is moving to […]

Hurry up and wait: Pelosi keeps her precious articles

After an acrimonious House impeachment inquiry, the House Democrats voted to impeach President Donald Trump. But now, with impeachment going to Mitch McConnell’s Senate, they’re having second thoughts. Of course, they made the whole inquiry highly partisan and excluded the House Republicans from calling witnesses or even being able to see transcripts from the early […]

WATCH: Is James Comey ‘sloppy’ or a criminal?

After Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his report and appeared in a Senate Judiciary hearing to explain it, former FBI Director James Comey found himself between a rock and a hard place. That report exposed 17 errors and omissions made by the FBI in seeking FISA warrants to spy on Carter Page and his associates. […]

WATCH: The real existential threat is the FBI

In the whirlwind that is impeachment, it is easy to miss the import of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s answers to the Senate Judiciary Committee on his report about the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign and Carter Page. Those revelations about the FBI are actually more important than the Democrats sham impeachment. If you get […]

WATCH: Senator Lindsay Graham says the House impeachment is a sham

There is a lot more at stake in the House impeachment than the presidency of Donald Trump. Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham considers this impeachment a danger to the presidency itself and will not treat it as legitimate in the Senate. The House conducted closed-door hearings and they are moving forward with […]

WATCH: Devin Nunes asks the most important question about the IG report

“Who was running the spy ring?” Just last night, Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan talked with Sean Hannity about Michael Horowitz’s newly released Inspector General’s report and what it revealed about the FBI investigations of Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, Michael Flynn, and Paul Manafort. Devin Nunes has been on the trail of the FBI since […]

WATCH: President Trump having fun on stage with the Shalva band

Anyone who has watched President Trump interact with fans and voters knows that he’s a genuinely warm presence. He’s charismatic, engaging and funny, truths that no one denied during his pre-politics career. Despite the constant threat of impeachment and the sustained assault on his policies from the media, President Trump has fun with his job. […]

WATCH: World leaders other than Trump are the true embarrassment

While the House Democrats were trying to “teach” the American people why impeaching the president is a good thing to do, our president was busy representing us at the two day NATO summit in London, England. During what appears to be happy hour, the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, was caught on video along […]

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi SNAPS At Reporter

At the end of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s latest press briefing, a reporter asked if she hated the president – and all hell broke loose. Pelosi lost her cool, to put it lightly. She aggressively approached the reporter, gesturing at him angrily. Ironically, she then claimed that she “doesn’t hate anyone.” She then spent some more […]

WATCH: Professor Jonathan Turley shakes up Dem hearings: no compelling evidence of a crime

So far in the impeachment hearings, it’s been a steady parade of handpicked witnesses for the Democrats. But somehow, a pro-Trump witness got through, and the media simply can’t handle it. On day one of the House Judiciary impeachment hearings, four constitutional law professors have been called to testify: Noah Feldman, Pamela Karlan, Michael Gerhardt, […]

WATCH: “That girl was me”: Kamala Harris drops out

Kamala Harris just announced the end of her campaign to be the Democratic candidate for president in 2020. She attributed the need to drop out to lack of funds. After surging strongly after she attacked Joe Biden on the issue of school busing with the famous line, “that girl was me,” she started to slump. […]

WATCH: Democrats are furious at Trump because he’s actually protecting American interests

What’s the secret to President Trump’s popularity? And why does the left hate him so much? Recently on Tucker Carlson’s show, American Majority founder Ned Ryun commented on the recent episode that saw Democrat Martin O’Malley challenging deputy DHS Secretary Cuccinelli to fisticuffs in a bar over President Trump’s immigration policies. What’s causing the conflict […]

WATCH: College football star’s mother chose life

In the game against Michigan State, Ohio State college football star JK Dobbins made a spectacular dive into the endzone for a touchdown. The announcer then told Dobbin’s story. Dobbin’s mother was 18 when she became pregnant. She visited an abortion clinic, but for some reason she walked out and chose life. She calls Dobbins […]