Burning America down

Watching rioters burn and loot American cities by the thousands seems surreal. Where is law enforcement? Why is this violence and chaos allowed? Who is responsible? Attorney General William Barr made a statement today about the chaos, the perpetrators, the responsibility of local government, and the plans of the DOJ. Radical left exploits peaceful protest […]

The left is spreading fake news about the riots

Democrats are so predictable. When faced with a problem of their own making, they always deflect to blaming the problem on their favorite bogeyman: white supremacy. An argument that “white supremacists” are responsible for the rioting committed in the name of George Floyd has been introduced into the news cycle and is trending on Twitter. […]

Americans are done with the lockdowns – they’ll take their chances

It’s Memorial Day and Americans are out of their homes in massive numbers. Many have headed for the water, mobbing beaches, boat ramps and other water sources to celebrate in the sun. Some videos of beaches and parks reveal that “social distancing” is not being practiced and there are few face masks to be seen. […]

John Ratcliffe is the new Director of National Intelligence

The Senate, in spite of complete resistance by the Senate Democrats, confirmed the appointment of Texas congressman John Ratcliffe as the Director of National Intelligence. The news is good for America and President Trump. The news is bad for “the swamp” in Washington D.C. Finally, President Trump will have someone in charge that isn’t trying […]

Criminal released: 80-year-old stabbed to death in Houston

A career criminal with more than 60 arrests took the life of Rosalie Cook, an 80-year-old woman in a Walgreens parking lot in Houston who was picking up a prescription. Lewis was hanging around in the Walgreens parking lot before he took Rosalie Cook’s life. According to Breaking911.com : Randy Lewis, 38, was reportedly menacing […]

Obamagate is not a hoax. That’s bad news for Barack Obama.

The media is in full damage-control mode over the scandal known as “Obamagate.” The most prominent coordinating talking point is that Obamagate is a “conspiracy theory.” So is it a conspiracy theory? The answer is an emphatic no. Knowledge is power, especially when the entire media is trying to mislead the American people. So let’s […]

Hillary Clinton labels lockdown protestors “domestic terrorists”

Michigan United for Liberty, a group against Michigan’s “lockdown,” recently led a protest at Michigan’s state capitol. Hundreds of people showed up, many of them armed, to demand that Michigan be opened up for business. The group has participated in several protests since April. Michigan’s Democrat governor, Gretchen Whitmer, imposed a lockdown on the state […]

A rogue judge is trying to convict Michael Flynn – again

After the Department of Justice filed to drop charges against Michael Flynn, Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan, a Clinton appointee and apparently a member of the “resistance,” decided to take matters into his own hands. He thinks that he alone can bring justice in the Flynn case. In his mind, it is up to him to […]

Is this our life now?

In this day of stay-at-home orders, face masks, social distancing, and “snitching,” Americans are wondering what the future holds for them. Will their neighbors “snitch” on them if they have someone over to their house? Will they be violently arrested for not “social distancing?” Will they be assaulted for not wearing a face-mask in public? […]

Trump is right: Testing is the way back to work and school

The mainstream media spends very little time, if any, reporting on the successes of President Trump’s efforts to combat COVID-19 in the US. Plenty of criticism is directed at his efforts, but the real achievements are overlooked and underreported. It may seem as if the president is tooting his own horn, so to speak, when […]

After horrific toll, there’s hope for nursing homes in New York

Dr. Howard Zucker, the Health Commissioner, a man comfortable with deciding who lives and who dies, is the official responsible for putting Covid -19 positive patients into vulnerable nursing homes and long term care facilities in New York. The death toll in those homes is close to 6,000. Why has the death toll been so […]

Red alert: Coronavirus in the White House

While President Trump is fighting to beat back the coronavirus and help the country come back from devastating lockdowns, the coronavirus is getting closer to him. Three top officials on the White House Coronavirus Task Force are self-isolating after being exposed to a COVID-19 positive person. FDA chief, Stephen Hahn, came into contact with Katie […]

Bill Barr’s DOJ drops case against General Flynn

In a stunning move, the Department of Justice dropped its case against General Michael Flynn. The Government has determined, pursuant to the Principles of Federal Prosecution and based on an extensive review and careful consideration of the circumstances, that continued prosecution of this case would not serve the interests of justice. You can read the motion to dismiss the […]

COVID patients put back into nursing homes on purpose

California, New York, Pennsylvania, and others are putting COVID-19 positive patients back into their nursing homes, and nursing home deaths are staggering. The governors of those states, first and foremost among which is New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, should immediately resign.  New York alone “has recorded at least 4,968 confirmed and presumed deaths related to […]

White House Coronavirus Task Force was supposed to wind down – until it wasn’t

Update: In a surprising reversal, President Trump has announced that the task force will continue to operate. One can only imagine how the media will spin this reversal.  Vice-President Mike Pence announced that the White House Coronavirus Response Task Force responsibilities might be shifted to different agencies, including FEMA. FEMA or the Federal Emergency Management […]

Boaters throw a parade for President Trump

With all the bad news of the last few months, it’s good to remember that America is still a wonderful place full of wonderful people. Hundreds of boaters in Florida threw a floating parade in honor of President Trump. Some called it a “Trumptilla.”  They floated from Jupiter to Mar-a-logo and back again on the […]

McConnell reconvenes Senate while House stays at home

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives were set to reconvene on May 4th, but now only the Senate will be meeting. After an outcry from representatives, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer decided against returning to Washington D. C., saying it is too dangerous. Senate Republicans Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell […]

We owe General Flynn a debt of gratitude – and certain FBI leaders jail time

We owe General Michael Flynn a debt of gratitude. Without his courageous fight to clear his name, the new revelations of FBI malfeasance might have remained buried. The DOJ hasn’t brought anyone to justice yet. But because Flynn has fought so hard we now have evidence that the FBI has become the equivalent of the […]

Mexico is deporting migrants. Where’s the outrage from the left?

The US is not the only country deporting migrants. Our neighbor to the south is also sending migrants back their home countries in an effort to contain the COVID-19 outbreak there. When the US deports illegal migrants, leaders of the left like Nancy Pelosi are outraged. They and their media enablers drone on about the […]

Shock report: Citizens arrested for violating orders, politicians go free

Everyone is tired of staying at home and some people actually need to make a living. But some people are getting arrested for violating stay-at-home orders while others are not. The arrestees Recently in Laredo Texas, two stylists were arrested by undercover police for providing salon services in their homes. The Laredo Police Department set […]

Hollywood report: Phyllis Schlafly and Mrs. America

FX on Hulu recently premiered a new series called “Mrs. America.” The series is a hit piece on Phyllis Schlafly, set during the 1970’s in the midst of the struggle to adopt or reject the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment), and the important women on either side of the campaign. We all know that Hollywood isn’t […]

Texas is opening up again; Crenshaw and Abbot show what leadership looks like

President Trump delivered guidelines to “Opening up America Again” to all the governors last week, leaving the implementation of those guidelines to the governors and officials of each state. Now the State of Texas, led by Governor Greg Abbot and allies like rising conservative star Dan Crenshaw, is taking leadership of the reopening. The media […]

China still can’t be trusted

Will our lives ever be the same? How can a virus turn the world upside down? Who is responsible for all this death and destruction? Joshua Phillips of The Epoch Times tracks down the origin of COVID-19 or the Wuhan coronavirus in a 56-minute documentary just recently released. It is a commitment to watch but […]

WATCH: Trump punches back – the media can’t believe it’s happening to them

President Trump talks with the American people almost every day in his White House Coronavirus Response Task Force press briefing. But after the task force has covered the issues, the press is allowed to ask questions. Mainstream media reporters then begin their daily attack on the president. They don’t ask probing questions about treatments and […]

Dr. Fauci is NOT being fired – media disappointed

Dr. Anthony Fauci enjoys a high approval rating among Americans as he appears almost daily in the Coronavirus Response Task Force press briefings. He is a calm, measured and credible speaker with a long record of service in the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases. The nation is taking Fauci’s advice about social distancing […]

True heroes of the crisis: truckers keep the whole thing running

If the shelves in your grocery store have anything on them, after almost a month of “lockdown,” you can thank a truck driver. During the coronavirus crisis, they might be the most unsung heroes in the country and the world right now. Their work is considered essential, which it is, because if they weren’t trucking, […]

Tragic economic impact mounts; Dairies dump milk during shortages

In a tragic example of the damage being inflicted on the economy by the virus, dairy farmers around the country are dumping millions of pounds of milk every day. Milk is highly perishable and there is not enough storage and processing capacity for products that are no longer needed during the almost nationwide lockdown, or […]

Bernie goes out with a whimper

Bernie Sanders is out of the race. No debates, no rallies, no primary coverage, no press. Despite his irascible and fiery demeanor, the most shocking thing we learned about Bernie Sanders is that he wasn’t a fighter. He went out with barely a whimper.  Does anyone even remember way back to Super Tuesday when Biden […]

Are we becoming the United Snitches of America?

Laura Ingraham just asked an important question about the coronavirus lockdown and its effect on us as people. We are all wondering about that as we creep about furtively looking over our shoulders, wondering if we will be stopped by law enforcement as we walk outside or drive down the street, as we are outside […]