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America has heard plenty from Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Joe Biden, former President George Bush, the mainstream media, and others about the systemic racism in America and especially American law enforcement. Many voices saying the same thing, but something seems wrong.

What is systemic racism? How can systemic racism be corrected? Is law enforcement racist through and through? Do officers target black people just because of their skin color? What is really happening? There is a diversity of thought on these matters, and the two people featured in this article have some alternate thoughts.

Black Americans, as well as all other Americans, can agree that the killing of George Floyd requires justice. The policeman Derek Chauvin, who indifferently kneeled on Floyd’s neck until he was dead, is in custody and is being charged for his death.

But some, probably many African Americans do not agree with BLM, race wars, and the destructiveness of the protests in America over the killing of George Floyd. They don’t want to see their neighborhoods destroyed and they do want the police to keep providing them protection from criminals.

George Floyd

The autopsy done on George Floyd determined the cause of death as: cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression.”

Floyd had hypertension and heart disease and he was high on drugs at the time of his arrest and death. The autopsy report revealed the fact that Floyd was high on fentanyl, and had recently used methamphetamine. It is actually not that easy to find the information about Floyd’s intoxication at the time of his arrest, and if news media has mentioned it, I missed it.

George Floyd was no stranger to arrests or prison and served multiple sentences for drug offenses. He also did time for armed robbery.

None of this background history justifies Floyd’s death while in police custody. It did, however, influence conservative commentator Candace Owens’ take on the event.

Candace Owens

Candace Owens, a rising conservative star who happens to be black, expressed her thoughts about George Floyd’s death and its impact on the black community in a viral video that has racked up millions of views since she posted it. In the video, Owens expresses concern about the manner in which Floyd died and the reaction to it:


Update 6/10/20 Another black voice against BLM

Millions of black people know BLM is a terrorist group

Kash Lee Kelly

Kash Lee Kelly, another black voice, discusses Black Lives Matter, the organization. He agrees that black lives do matter, but he admonishes the black community to care about black lives first.

He said the Black Lives Matter organization doesn’t want to address the problems in the black community. In the video, he asks the black community: “When do black lives matter to black people? You know how many of my people get killed every day…due to violence in the hoods?”

Kelly lost two brothers or friends to violence in his neighborhood and says he can’t have his kids there because they might be shot, as one little girl that he mentions by name was.

A different way

Kelly proposed an alternate way to change black communities. He proposed that they start really caring about black lives and change the way they live. He asks the question, “We don’t care about our own lives, how can we expect the system to care about them?”

Addressing the idea of less policing in black neighborhoods, Kelly points out that if the police were to stop policing black neighborhoods, black people would die. Kids would die. He asks: “You know how many kids get killed in Chicago? It ain’t the police killing the kids.”

Black Lives Matter

He also criticized the organization Black Lives Matter:

“If you are going to be real, be real all across the board. Don’t get hyped up about these people (BLM), they tryna race bait you. Let’s change the way we live, make the change, then you’ll see things get better.”

You can watch Kash Lee Kelly here:

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    1. So true 53.9 % of black deaths are committed by blacks. While 9.83 % of whites are killed by blacks . Compared to 0.77 % of blacks are killed by whites. So stop the race baiting and committing 96.8 % of the crimes and you blacks will find that the cops don’t bother you.

      1. George Floyd was high on drugs: (fentanyl and methamphetamine), cardiopulmonary arrest complicated, He was dying as he fell to the ground.
        Background history does justifies Floyd’s death while in police custody. I think his time on earth was up; even if no one touched him.
        Check the death caused by fentanyl. And methamphetamine; His last words were coming before he hit the ground.
        Not because of the police holding him down.

    1. There are corrupt ppl in every profession.The officer who knelt on Mr Floyd’s neck deserves to pay for that,but he does not represent police officers as a whole.Mr Floyd was in the commission of a crime at the time of his arrest.He is being portrayed as a fine upstanding citizen’.He was not.There are ppl who will use this incident to keep the unrest going.Shame on them. They are hurting. Small business owners who have worked so hard to make a living for their families.Their actions hurt the cause for which the protesters are marching

  1. Thank you. It is refreshing to see the truth and good people of all colors responding positively to it. We all need to live our lives in ways that make our lives matter.

  2. The more I see of this whole event, the more I see antfia and BLM as two different sides of the same coin. Get rid of our police and what happens the next time these two groups decide to riot??? Who will protect the stores??? What if they decide to move their protests into the housing areas where “WE THE PEOPLE” live??? Who helps to protect our homes, these two groups??? I don’t think so!!! I didn’t serve in our Military for 24 years just to see all of our society handed over to these thugs.

  3. People should live as people do in Hawaii!
    Hawaii is a melting pot of races; we live together, work together, play together, etc. We love each other as one people – the human race. We accept each other’s culture (and learn from it), way of life, including language! Thus, the pidgin language! Hawaii’s people are “one” – in unity; in all things! Respect, love, and acceptance of each other’s culture and beliefs! What’s wrong w/America?!? They all want to be “it,”
    Chief, be recognized! Final commandment should be the first that all mankind should live: Love One Another! No one is and should not be superior over another! Learn to serve each other! Humanity be served is a moral virtue!

  4. Thank GOD SOMEBODY sees the REAL problem. If they (black community)dont care about all the kids not getting an education, doing druhs, selling drugs, neighnorhood violence
    …….nobody else will care either. Have they vompletely turned their eyes away from Chicago, Detroit, Dearborn, NewYork, L.A., ????? They need to gocus on the problem, not the symptoms. Start teaching the girls SELF RESPECT……not to sleep around, not to become teenage mothers, etc. Teach them how to dress for a job, get thete on time every day, stay in school, etc.

  5. Look I know George Floyd didn’t deserve to die at the hands of the police officer but to me they r saying black lives matter to me all lives matter no matter what race you r

  6. God says all lives matter especially the 70,000 babies that are kill every year under the guise of choice.

  7. If we lived in a perfect world where we all love each other, regardless of skin color, there would be no killing of innocent people, rioting & looting. BUT we don’t live in a perfect world. Hardened hearts exist in all races, racism exist in all races, & there are power-hungry & money-hungry people in all races. What happened to George Floyd was disgusting & the officer should be held accountable to the full extent of the law. I believe we all, regardless of our skin color, can agree on that issue! Whatever type of person Mr. Floyd was should never enter into the situation. He was a human & should not have been done the way he was! My BIG concern now is the fact that there are groups of hate filled people that prey on these situations. This is why the violence, anger, hate, & stealing has escalated to the point of more people being killed & businesses being destroyed. Sad to say it is being reported that elected officials in our own government, and a lot of what’s called “Hollywood Elitist” are the one’s funding these violent people. How very sad it has become when the one’s that we have voted into office have turned against us and our country! We all, regardless what race we are, need to do some serious soul searching about who we vote for in the November elections. We finally have a President that loves this country, works tirelessly, and stands for a free America where we are all treated equally! The entire time he has been in office he has been treated with contempt, had lie after lie told about him, and has gotten nothing but hate from other government officials. An ordinary man could never have dealt with this on a daily basis without giving in to the evil that is going on in the White House. From what I have seen he has never wavered in his loyalty to the American people. So let’s all pull together for the good of this great country, for the survival of this great country !! God Bless America !

    1. where is the video about the Black officer strangled the black man? What about the retired chief was killed by the rioters?
      Why the fake news showed only one side?

    2. Sunflower, you could not have said it any better, it is the way i feel and always have and the way I relate it to others as much as I can. It is so wonderful to hear others can see and hear things in the way you relate them. It gives me renewed hope for our country, thank you so much!

  8. If there is a hate group it is BLM. There’s no way to stop the hate unless everyone, as in black, white, brown or whatever other so called colors you prefer start to make the effort to get along. Stop blaming people living today for the mistakes of their long dead ancestors! There is still only one race. HUMAN! There is no tribal group that is innocent of any crimes in the past. The riots are not helping any so called race be happier or wealthier, or have more freedom. The rioters are simply becoming criminals by their violent behaviors.

  9. One of the purposes of government is to protect our citizens from threats both foreign and domestic. The Minnesota governor and, particularly the Minneapolis mayor,Jacob Frey, failed miserably in protecting lves and property. Once the 5th precinct was abandoned to rioters there was no stopping them. The governor should have called out the National Guard in force the 2nd night.
    Now the city council is considering disbanding the police. Can you imagine chaos that would result?! Who would want to live in a city that can’t or won’t provide security for its citizens?
    Black people have every right to be angry at the way this man and others have died at the hands of bad police officers. Police reforms in training and screening recruits are essential . Community policing,where the cops are regular parts of the community is one of the answers to solving distrust.
    To the other issue raised HIM has never demonstrated in cities to protest the killing of black people in the hoods. Case in point,10 African Americans were killed and 24 others wounded on the South side of Chicago the same Memorial day weekend. Where are the protests now about these terrible acts?
    There is a false narrative promoted by the media and BLM that the entire police departments nationally are riddled with “systemic” racism. The riots will force city departments to pull back in black communities and the citizens will suffer as a result. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail.

  10. WLM

    Follow the money an find out what this
    is all about !!!!
    Same for viruse-impeachment-grocery store shortage !!

    1. In Time of Sorrow We Pray 🙇‍♀️✝️🙇‍♀️
      🙏FATHER of all Mercies and GOD of consolation,
      You love us eternally and transform the shadows of death into the Dawn of life.
      Look upon our Grief: be our Refuge and comfort so that our sadness and sorrow may turn into the Light and Peace.
      In Dying, Your SON Death; in rising HE Restored Life.
      Grant that at the end of our earth pilgrimage we may be found in HIS company with our Brothers and Sisters. There YOU shall wipe out away every tear. We ask this through CHRIST Our LORD. AMEN and AMEN 🙏 🙏🙏

  11. This police officer could have been paid off just to start this crap up. How people pay people off to make something like this to move forward. To start something that makes other to look like we the people are hurting them. If anyone being racist it’s the black that are. The way they act towards whites you can see it though them. Get real and stop the blaming everyone for your stupidity

    1. These demonic forces (Children of Darkness) would do everything to destroy humanity. You may be right.
      But we can Drive then out.

      19)“Then the disciples came to Jesus privately and said, “Why could we not cast it out?”
      20)”He said to them, ‘Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”
      Matthew 17:19-20. 🙏

  12. Let’s get rid of all of the statistics and excuses!!! Why can we not RESPECT each other as we were intended to do by our Creator??? The word forgiveness is used more than the word love. We need to respect each other, no matter how hard it is!!

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