Are we becoming the United Snitches of America?

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Laura Ingraham just asked an important question about the coronavirus lockdown and its effect on us as people.

We are all wondering about that as we creep about furtively looking over our shoulders, wondering if we will be stopped by law enforcement as we walk outside or drive down the street, as we are outside our homes in our neighborhoods. Will our neighbors call and “snitch” on us for not staying in our homes, not practicing “social distancing?”

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti encouraged “snitches” in a recent conference:

We want to thank you for turning folks in and making sure we are all safe. Your decision to stay home may mean that there’s one less person who needs a ventilator we do not have. If any non-essential businesses continue to operate in violation of the stay at home order, we’re going to act to enforce the safer at home order and ensure their compliance. You know the old expression about snitches. Well, in this case, snitches get rewards.

Don’t snitches always get rewards? But they won’t be viewed with any more favor by normal Americans just because the mayor of Los Angeles commends them.

Encouraging “snitching” gives a certain type of person, a busy body, license to mess up other people’s lives.

A 54-year-old Connecticut woman was mortified” to see people on a golf course eating at tables as she was driving by. (Where was she going?) She justified posting a video of the gathering on Facebook. “I was angry and upset, and I threw some f-bombs. You’re not going to consider that what you’re doing could kill somebody?” After viewing the video, the mayor shut that golf course down.

Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma say that calls have increased of residents reporting on businesses and neighbors. In fact, there are so many calls, the department can’t respond to all of them.

Everyone has a duty to help slow the spread of the virus – but too often, snitches are doing nothing to help, and only overloading the 911 system.

According to all reports, these “snitches” are enthusiastically policing their fellow citizens. Do we really want to become the United Snitches of America?

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  1. I have to just shake my head when all these reporters try to condem President Trump for not wearing a face mask at a news conference when no one there has one on, including the reporters!

  2. the worst thing we have is by not prosecuting Nancy peloise Adam Schiff Jerry naddler and Chuck Schumer for treason against the American government and the American people if they were Republicans doing what the Democrats are doing they would be in prison right now get rid of the all talk do nothing waste tax payer dollars Democrats deport them now get rid of the no load deplorable Democrats and anyone who agrees with them right now today

  3. It will do the snitches no good, the ones who they snitch on will retaliate and the government is already in our lives enough. The Demorates are to blame and as soon as the people wake up they will see just how they are destroying our country. Wake up people GODS in control not the Demorates,they only screw things up, they have aways been behind the bad things in this country, bad elections and uncalled for bigger government. Don’t them screw us up any more then we are.

  4. It only causes people to be more resentful & more irresponsible . Best thing is to do the right thing & be a good example. They had Abe to deal with the guilt of contacting the virus or transmitting it to someone else. If parents would teach their children how to be responsible for their own actions & trust the Lord in all their ways we would not have this pandemic. It’s a simple solution but hard to enforce! Own up folks!!!

  5. What better persons to report on snitches. The Media!!! Practice what you preach!!! Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Wow, snitches are definitely feeling empowered during these COVID-19 days. Are the teachings of Pol Pot and the killing fields of Cambodia somehow reincarnated in these COVID-19 days? Here in Colorado Springs we have snitches afoot as well, using the comments section in our city newspaper to rat out people playing pickle ball on the city courts! So sad.

  7. I will bet that every single snitch is a far left liberal and that they only believe the crap they hear on TV because they have no brains.

  8. No snitches. That would allow for some to make up stories. If someone is turned in, do they have the right to defend themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised because the left wants this to Last longer so the economy won’t recover by election time

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  10. America…land of the free???? I miss the America I grew up in! Adam Sh$t, Nancy drunkosie, Chuck schliar, jerry Nasty… all have been lying to America far too long. Had you all dumbacrates not been putting on a three ring circus, trying to impeach our President, he would have been able to get out in front of this virus. No…you had him preoccupied by your antics! Again, trying to preoccupy him by trying again!!! 2 terms and out! How these Californians could have re-elected Adam Sh$t is beyond my comprehension! 🤬

    1. Actually, the president acted very quickly. It’s the Left that would have you believe otherwise. First off, China lied. By the time we learned about the first patient in America it was January 15th. By Jan. 30, the President put the kybosh on Chinese coming into our country. He did this against his advisers, too. That’s pretty darn quick if you ask me. But I do agree that had the Impeachment Circus not been on-going, who knows what the President may have been able to do that much sooner. Realize the lie the Left is spreading. Here we go again. The entire Impeachment Debacle began with a lie … Just sayin’. They’re AT IT AGAIN.

  11. You know, if I don’t take my car out soon, it will die on me. Whose going to pay THAT bill? How is that a violation if I’m by myself, in my car and not out and about with other PEOPLE. I don’t like the notion of having anyone listen in on my phone, or to snitch on my comings and goings. In the state where I live our stay-at-home orders are still ‘guidelines’. I’m greatly disturbed already that my every keystroke is known. I leave my cell phone at home most of the time, too. Where I go and what I do is MY business. I don’t like Big Brother, nor will I live under him. I feel a very strong need to sharpen the tines on my pitch fork.

  12. Who Snitching on the Snitchers? They are out there looking for someone to snitch on and who is snitching on them? What is this Country coming too.

  13. Very reminiscent of pre-WWII Germany. In 2020 will need to have the new REAL IDs with gold stars. Weren’t the Jewish people required to wear gold stars?? Why isn’t a driver’s license with your picture considered a REAL ID?? They want to take away guns. Curfews are being enacted. Civil emergency alerts are running across the TV screen warning people not to go out until after midnight. Is the virus more active between 4PM and midnight? You can walk on the sidewalks but not the beaches. Insane.

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