Adam Schiff loses it, says President Trump could give Alaska to Russia

The House impeachment managers and President Trump’s counsel made their closing arguments today before the entire world.

The President’s lawyers were well reasoned and thoughtful. The same can’t be said for Adam Schiff.

Patrick Philbin: voice of reason

The president’s counsel made their closing arguments in a respectful, organized way. Patrick Philbin argued in his reasonable, clarifying way, that the House managers hadn’t followed the law in the impeachment process.

In very significant and important respects they didn’t follow the law. From the outset, they began an impeachment inquiry here without a vote from the House, and therefore without lawful authority delegated to any committees to begin an impeachment inquiry against the president of the United States. That was unprecedented in our history.

Watch Philbin’s closing argument:

Jay Sekulow

Jay Sekulow rehearsed the arguments proving that neither impeachment article brought by the House managers rose to the level of impeachment. He then showed that the House Democrats had been planning to impeach President Trump from the moment he was inaugurated.

Sekulow provided slides and video of the Democrats talking about impeaching the president even before he was inaugurated.

Schiff, Alaska and Jared Kushner

After the reasonable and calm presentations of the president’s lawyers, Adam Schiff’s closing statements came across as hysterical and poorly reasoned. He even claimed that if Donald Trump was allowed to remain in office, he might even give Alaska to Russia! The House Democrats even drew from the King James Version of the Bible, citing the president’s love for “filthy lucre.”

Schiff hysterically argued that if “abuse of power” was not impeachable, then President Trump could give Alaska to the Russians! or permanently move to Maralago and let Jared Kushner run the country!