A rogue judge is trying to convict Michael Flynn – again

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After the Department of Justice filed to drop charges against Michael Flynn, Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan, a Clinton appointee and apparently a member of the “resistance,” decided to take matters into his own hands. He thinks that he alone can bring justice in the Flynn case.

In his mind, it is up to him to convict Flynn of “perjury,” a crime Flynn was never charged with, even if former President Obama said he was. Obama, a former federal judge, and 2,000 former DOJ employees urged him on.

Sullivan wants to charge Flynn with perjury for saying he was guilty which he now says he is not. The judge is ignoring the misconduct of the agents that entrapped Flynn and instead is determined to finish what the Obama administration started way back in 2016, the destruction of Michael Flynn.

He followed the advice of a retired judge and former prosecutor, John Gleeson, who shared it in an opinion piece in the Washington Post. He then appointed Gleeson Amicus Curiae (friend of the court) to look into bringing charges against Flynn for committing perjury by changing his plea to “not guilty.”

John Gleeson, former prosecutor, former federal judge, Clinton appointee

Gleeson’s argumentation is rich with irony. He argues that prosecutors (the DOJ in the Flynn case), are expected to be honest and follow the rules. That is all well and good, but Gleeson goes wrong when he argues that the prosecution of Flynn was well-founded and therefore, the DOJ is corrupt and abusing its power to drop the case.

Prosecutors deserve a “presumption of regularity” — the benefit of the doubt that they are acting honestly and following the rules. But when the facts suggest they have abused their power, that presumption fades. If prosecutors attempt to dismiss a well-founded prosecution for impermissible or corrupt reasons, the people would be ill-served if a court blindly approved their dismissal request. The independence of the court protects us all when executive-branch decisions smack of impropriety; it also protects the judiciary itself from becoming a party to corruption.

The irony is that the DOJ is dropping their case against Flynn because of the documented evidence that the prosecution wasn’t well-founded at all, in fact, the evidence shows, as Attorney General Barr says, that the FBI “abused their power” and laid a perjury trap for Flynn. That abuse of power undermines any case Sullivan and Gleeson insist is legitimate.

Only two parties matter in a criminal court case

After Sullivan appointed Gleeson, Flynn’s attorneys objected to the third-party intervention in the case arguing that:

It is no accident that amicus briefs are excluded in criminal cases. A criminal case is a dispute between the United States and a criminal defendant. There is no place for third parties to meddle in the dispute, and certainly not to usurp the role of the government’s counsel. For the Court to allow another to stand in the place of the government would be a violation of the separation of powers.”

Judge Sullivan is also acting in opposition to the opinion recently rendered of the “party presentation principle” of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who said according to Forbes:

[C]ourts are essentially passive instruments of government … They ‘do not, or should not, sally forth each day looking for wrongs to right. [They] wait for cases to come to [them], and when [cases arise, courts] normally decide only questions presented by the parties. In a nutshell, this concept dictates that judges must decide the case as presented by the parties before them.”

Both Flynn and the DOJ want to dismiss the case. It is Judge Sullivan’s job to end it.

2,000 former DOJ employees call for Barr’s resignation

Much ado is being made about a letter from 2,000 former DOJ employees calling for the Attorney General step down for dropping the Flynn case. At first, that seems like a large number, but here are over 113,000 employees in the DOJ as of 2019, so the 2,000 represent less than 2% of the DOJ. Even if there were 2,000 more current DOJ deep state employees, it would be less than 4% of the department. So, if you were worried that the “deep state” completely controlled the DOJ, rest assured, there are still good people in there (though no one has blown the whistle on the deep state activities in the DOJ).

The letter accuses President Trump and William Barr of “political interference” in the Flynn case, but makes no mention of the Obama administration’s political interference that started the Flynn case.

The chutzpa of these former employees matches that of Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Chuck Schumer who have no qualms of accusing others of what they themselves have done.

Like faithful soldiers in the resistance, protecting their “dear leader” President Obama, they urged Sullivan to deny the DOJ motion to dismiss, and proceed with sentencing.

We urge Judge Sullivan to closely examine the Department’s stated rationale for dismissing the charges — including holding an evidentiary hearing with witnesses — and to deny the motion and proceed with sentencing if appropriate.

More evidence of political interference from the Obama administration

One day after Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden denied knowing anything about the investigation of Michael Flynn, declassified materials revealed that Biden had requested the unmasking of Flynn in the waning days of the Obama administration. Intelligence officials routinely request unmasking of American citizens that are swept up in intelligence surveillance, but it is not routine for political figures, like Joe Biden, to unmask officials in a political opponent’s campaign.

As Senator Rand Paul points out that the unmasking, or the listening in and spying on American citizens is a gross abuse of power and should be strongly curtailed. Dozens of Obama administration officials listened in on Michael Flynn’s conversations. If they can do that to him, they could do it to anyone.

There is good reason to hope that the unraveling of the Flynn case will be the undoing of Obama’s covert campaign to damage President Trump and to protect himself and his cohorts.

Watch Senator Rand Paul describe the “conspiracy” in the Obama administration.

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    1. AMEN! Let’s make sure that happens! This is just another instance of a single judge that seems to think THEY have ultimate authority! The number of FORMER DOJ people speaks to the depth of this whole corrupt conspiracy!

  1. Some of these judges need to get a grip on themselves. Power hungry liberals that think they can override our constitution.

  2. This is so wrong!!! These evil people must be stopped!!! That judge needs to be thrown out!! He is a swamp creature… Trump should pardon him!!!

  3. Amazing what the Democrats think they can get away with, Refuse to indite Hillary, Lie about the Russian medling wheMuslim loving Obaman Russia really wanted Hillary to win. Muslim loving Obama treason against the in coming President Hope this Judge is kicked off the bench

  4. The judge has no right according to the constitution. If this goes through think of how many people have changed their plea and proven innocent with the law arrest them again for perjury because they changed their plea. This is the definition of Insanity

  5. This i s not a good idea….we know all of the real liars in this Russia crap. Excuse my French. but it is what it looks like. Flynn is innocent compared to the Swamp people! If Flynn goes then all of BarryO and his gang, must go, too. Look at all of the allowed outright treasonous actions of the Swamp!! Dear Mr. Flynn has been through bell and back, lost all that he dedicated his life to and for our country just for doing his job. This judge is swamp, too. You all know it.We see how the Swamp acts against US! PLEASE, clean up the swamp. Let Flynn be free. I feel awful about all this conflict. Let US all be real Americans. Don’t let government tell you what to do. We tell them.

  6. The nation has lost faith in the fbi, fica courts, the a lot of federal judges thanks to obama. That is not good for us nation.

  7. The corruption apparently in the FBI & DOJ is apparently so widespread that I would like to see them all have to reapply and defend their knowledge and ethics to continue in the job. That’s the bare minimum that everyone of them should have to endure before a group of educated clergy.

  8. I say bury the judge UNDER the Court House ALONG WITH THE DEMONCRAPTIC leaders like oDUMBo, Pisslousy, Schlummer. This is a miscarriage of justice to let this go any further and the rest of the Deep State will be dealt with severe penalties afterwards.

  9. This is preposterous! Judges don’t prosecute and invite anyone he likes to come in and validate his personal, biased opinion of a defendant. In Texas, we’d call this plain stupid.

  10. This goes to show the hard working people of the USA that one party does not give a d___n
    about us only our vote so they can rule the country and everything we do. How do we let
    the reps and senators stay in Washington
    for twenty years spending our tax payer dollars on their pet cause. They all leave as millionaires. Insist that the Dems pay for all their mishandling the last 3-4 years, spying
    without cause, unmasking, made-up Mueller investigation, the impeachment hearings, and
    now Nancy Pelosi dictating how to spend our
    our taxpayer dollars. Vote all Dems out of office and pass a TERM limits law for both

  11. We all know the people in the swamp, but we don,t know who is in control of them. We never will. We,ll never know a lot of things. Who killed Marilyn Monroe, who killed John Kennedy, who killed Jimmy Hoffa, and on and on. Who killed all the people involved with the Clintons and Obama,s?? They could open their own funeral homes. Who,s in charge of big pharma and working with China? Too many questions with no answers. FDA,WHO, the United Nations? The only one who knows is God. So all I can say is God help us all please. And God help you all and keep you safe. I don,t know if this will be printed or not.

    1. Cookie, I agree with you wholeheartedly when you say to ask God to help us all. I think it would be a good idea if America, on a certain day, stop for a few minutes and pray for HIS help. HE who said: …”where two or more of you are gathered in MY name, I am in the midst of you.” Ask HIS Help to give the patriot Michael Flynn the courage to face the absolutely evil lies that are constantly hitting him by satanic disciples -while Patriots bend a knee to ask God’s help. Stay strong, patriot Flynn, American Deplorables have your back.

  12. If they want justice let’s get a backbone and start charging a bunch of Democrats that needs brought to Justice

  13. guess I named too many names. It WASN,t printed and this has been happening many times. I DIDN,t use any bad language but I,m conservative. Mentioned all the names that we all know of but also mentioned things that we don,t know about. So I guess big brother DOESN,t approve of what I write. Godhelp us all.

  14. When will this administration drop the hammer on these subversives. All I hear is a bunch of jabber and no results. Talk is cheap, let’s see some hardball action to prosecute these violators. I want to hear some prison cell doors slam shut. Now DOJ, quit stalling and make it happen.

  15. Was the judge paid off to try to pull this baloney. He should be dismissed from being a judge as he is doing nothing but pulling the politics card as all the Democrats seem to do. It is a shame and disgrace that he has been so blinded by Obama and his Administration. I think he along with all the others that railroaded Flynn illegally should be prosecuted, but no nothing ever happens to the Democrats. When will the people in this country get back to being honest and all facing the same music as what the Democrats have tried and is still trying to pull on the Republican Party is horrible. What a shame we can’t pull together as we should, to get over this virus and to all work together to get our country up and running and so we can become a strong country again instead of acting like a bunch of sissies – I want our country to work together for the better of the people not just play the politics game. God help us all.

  16. In 2016, while a few Rep Candidates were still campaigning, my Mom particular was terrified while then candidate Trump was leading and she thought, he can’t beat Jezebel. I, too was worried. All of the sudden in on early morning, my experience of frozen body felt like with my eyes wide open, it’s some kind of powerful force held me down, i was not able to move, I was frightened at first, then a feeling of love and peace flowing in me, I relaxed. At that very short moment, my lips spoke these words “King Donald Trump”, then everything returned to normal, I jumped out the bed, then emailed Mom about my experience.
    My mother loves and Trust GOD for everything (she’s a warrior Prayer), so she stopped worrying. I shared with friends and colleagues, I was mocked. Millions around the world have had similar experiences with The Lord like myself, so I kept thinking why GOD used the Words king …?
    Is Trump the last US President to bring GOD’s Children back to HIM to be saved, then The Second Coming???
    With many Signs have happened in our world, The Second Coming has to be in our time. So please do not worry about persecution upon us all including Gen. Flynn, because we have to go through This great Tribulation together, while SATAN is making his last attempt to destroy and to take many souls as he can with him to Hell. We Must TRUST GOD, so we must continue to be zealous fervent Prayers.🙏

    6 “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done.”
    7 “Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.”
    Philippians 4:6-7
    🙏 Kyrie Eleison 🧚‍♀️
    🙏Christie Eleison 🧚‍♀️

  17. THAT sad human of a so-called judge is trying to impress his former “bro”, but is going about it the WWrong way….and it is a way that he will come to regret……….

  18. The Demorat Team only worked for their benefits, they always did against the Americans benefits!
    Please Cut Off China !
    Proud of MADE IN U S A PRODUCT!
    Americans People WAKE UP with your VOTE!

  19. If this were back in the 40’s and 50’s these people would be given a choice of hanging or firing squad.

  20. You cannot have true justice when someone is framed and the judge wants to use that as evidence in so called keeping them in jail. When the law is broken at the highest level the courts then the law is flawed. When a justice is easily bought and paid for by big money to usurp the law then that justice is guilty of abuse of power and should be stripped of his/her powers to be a judge and removed from office by the DOJ. Either we have laws for everyone that are just and fit or we go back to frontier justice which we all know killed as many innocents and it did criminals. We are not socialist here we are not communist, and we are not a monarchy, we are a Republic designed by our forefathers to be a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” not just rich elitist who think their money gives them the right to rule over everyone else. I think the days of Mongolian Rule by fear and death and the Roman Rule of law by only the rich have showned how both were taken down for the sham they were. Anarchy, insurgence, and loss of freedom will not be tolerated in America and thanks to the draft more Americans than ever know how to protect their families from militant and violent take over by money hunger left wing politics.

  21. Those two judges are members of the muddy rat infested SWAMP.Both Clinton
    appointees of course they will do nothing but OBSTRUCTIONS of everything the
    GOB will do. By Amelia

  22. Remove them all and send Obama to jail , those involved should be fired and charged for the corruption. We cannot let the corruption of Obama, Clintons ( both) ,pelosi, shumur, shiff, OAC , and all the other corrupt congressmen /women continue to break down our United States of AMerica. VOTE THEM ALL OUT so we can take back our country ..of the people, by the people and for the people.

  23. All the people involved in this should be prosecuted. They should have to pay for their crimes. This Judge should have to step down. All of the corruption that has went on with the Democrats and they keep coming up with something else. Pelosi needs to be in jail for destroying legal documents. Obama needs to be in jail. Hilary needs to be in there for destroying those emails and destroying the phones with a hammer. The corruption must stop for our Country to get back on the right track. The Democrats keep coming up with investigations but they are the ones that need investigated. They are a disgrace to our Country. The Democrats are so corrupt that they think they are ABOVE the law but they make these accusations against the Republicans when they are the guilty ones.

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