Don Lemon diagnoses President Trump’s supporters with ‘mental illness’

Don Lemon is not a medical doctor, but you wouldn’t know it from his latest pronouncements. Lemon, who regularly cavils against Trump from his spot as a CNN anchor, has never made a secret of his contempt for the 50% of Americans who voted for Trump. And now, he’s diagnosing them with “mental illness.” The […]

Meghan McCain unloads on House Dems as ‘The View’ returns

The View pays lip service to bipartisanship with its cast’s inclusion of Meghan McCain, who serves as a token Republican on the panel. But McCain is as anti-Trump as it comes, so when it comes to impeachment, the perspectives are fairly one-sided. That is, until Thursday. With the show returning to live broadcast, Meghan McCain […]

Ukraine ambassador Gordon Sondland did NOT confirm quid pro quo

The mainstream media is at it again. Recently, U.S. ambassador to the Ukraine Gordon Sondland revised his impeachment hearing testimony in a move that had Democrats and the media rushing to claim that it was the smoking gun confirming a “quid pro quo” in the Ukraine scandal. But it turns out that it was all […]

Antifa attack, viciously beat innocent woman in her home

Far-left Antifa activists struck again this week, breaking into the home of a real estate agent and brutally beating her over a dispute about luxury apartments in Germany. The victim was beaten with blows to the face – apparently because she worked for a company that was involved in building the luxury apartments. Breitbart has […]

Sean Hannity breaks massive Hunter Biden story – new documents revealed

Sean Hannity is increasingly the best source of real reporting in the media. His network of guests, including investigative reporters Sara Carter and John Solomon, and legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, consistently bring the best original reporting on TV to the show. This week is no exception – and Sean Hannity made the most of it, […]

Mayor Pete makes a bold prediction – and 2020 Dems are furious

Pete Buttigieg is not the most high profile Democrat in the 2020 race, but don’t tell him that. In fact, he believes that the race is already in between him and just one other candidate – Elizabeth Warren. Of course, the other Democrats polling above Mayor Pete – Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders come to […]